I thought I’d share this little triptych of photos. It was my dog’s first birthday this week and I thought I’d snap a simple photo of her in a party hat. Basset Hounds are, typically, a laid-back breed of dog. I managed the one shot on the left (and I think it captures her personality quite nicely) before the other two shots happened. I’m glad I managed it but it took lots of shooting. There are a whole batch of unusable shots. 

I’m sharing it because it’s often like this at portrait sessions with small kids, pets or even adults that blink a lot. Professional photographers shoot a lot of frames to get that one shot. It requires patience, not just behind the camera but from the models too. It’s all worth it though, when you manage the story-telling image you were going for. 

Good luck to all the families capturing their holiday images this year! 

Fall Portraits at Shubie

The golden light of Fall, combined with the energy and authenticity of children are what I love about these photos.

It was a chilly morning - I could see their breath in a few shots - but they came prepared. For the best light, we usually have to start early or end late. Therefore, I often remind people to bring along blankets, coats and tissues.  I think we needed all three this time around. 












Family Photos at Uniacke Estate

These photos were taken at Uniacke Estate which is great in the Fall. I am quite late in posting them - only a year though - I got a little side-tracked. 

Fort Needham Wedding - Sarah & Adam

Sarah and Adam’s wedding took place on an ideal August day in Halifax.

 The light at Uptown Salon for getting ready photos was just dreamy. 

I love the first part of the wedding day; the anticipation and the emotion of everyone involved. It’s when all the planning comes together, all the little personal details and quite often, people are gathering for the first time in years. 

 The ceremony was at Fort Needham in Halifax which is the memorial for the Halifax Explosion. It’s very near the bride’s family home and has some wonderful trees. 

Family Photos at the Dartmouth Common

These girls are adorable. It’s the first time I had the challenge of one kid being more interested in giving me hugs than being on the other side of the lens. 



 Their dog, JR, had me wondering if my dog would ever be so restrained. There’s a certain dignity about German Shepherds. 



The Robertson Clan at Dartmouth Common

This was one of those portrait sessions where I wasn’t sure if we’d be rained out. Luckily, we had only a few sun showers and some soft evening light. For such a large group of people, we managed to get a lot of photos (such a cooperative bunch) and we even headed from the Dartmouth Common over to the waterfront for a group photo with the Halifax skyline in the background. 

While were doing the last shot of the night, I could hear people having an odd conversation nearby; something to do with capturing creatures. I just had to ask them what they were talking about, just in case there was something swimming about in the harbour that I couldn’t see. It turned out that it was the very beginning of the Pokemon Go craze. Since then, I’ve encountered many more people out in parks, following their screens, but that particular evening it was a startling amount of people to descend on one area for a week night. 

Engagement Session on the Dartmouth Waterfront

Oh the evening light in these photos. Sigh. If only it was always this golden. 

Sarah and Adam (and Vern) explored the Dartmouth waterfront with me. It’s great to have a chance to photograph a couple before the wedding day. It gives us a chance to chat, take our time and for them to get used to the camera. 

Head Shots

It’s a nice change of pace to do business portraits. Usually, we’re aiming for one or two photos that can be used online and in print. So I have more time with posing and lighting than usual. We did these photos at Sullivan’s Pond here in Dartmouth. 

Anne-Marie works with a wonderful organization called the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre. It’s one of five such centres acoss Canada. I’ll post a blog soon on some of the work I’ve been doing with them this past Fall. Anne-Marie is the ideal ambassador for them; filled with energy and positivity, much like the team of staff and volunteers at the centre. I always come home from there with a full belly and and a renewed faith in humanity. 






Cheticamp, Cape Breton

I have a friend who lives in this lovely place. It takes about four hours to get there by car from the city. I took the advice of my GPS and ended up on the less scenic route on the way there. My friend Cathy told me, with that mysteriously Maritime mix of pride and exasperation, that I’d managed to take one of the worst roads in Cape Breton (or was it all of Canada?) on my way there. But you won’t see that road pictured below. Instead, there’s a glimpse of the Cabot Trail in the spring and a mother fox feeding her little ones. 


The Cabot Trail


Gulls hoping for some leftovers .


And remember, that’s 20 kilometers an hour, not miles. 

IMG_8392.jpgMother fox coming back from a successful hunt. 




Fall Colour in Cole Harbour

Usually, I get out to have a good look around a location before I meet people for photos. This time, I just couldn’t squeeze it in so I went with MacKenzie’s recommendation of the Cole Harbour Heritage trails. Since this beautiful session, I’ve been out there many times with my camera. 

MacKenzie has a business called Axe & Bow Apparel that she wanted to showcase in the photos (alongside her happy son and dog). She makes all sorts of accessories, I’ve included the links below. I’m always impressed (and a tad envious) when I meet mothers with young children that can look this good. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to do even the basics when you have a little one but she makes it look easy.

We had a great time capturing these images in the early morning Fall light. 

Axe & Bow Apparel : FacebookEtsy Shop