Fast Boats

My nephew is a talented young laser sailor. If you’re not familiar with sailing, the lasers are the boats being handled by a single occupant who is often hanging precariously over the side. It looks like a very wet ride and they zip through the water, doing circles around larger sailboats. 

I was invited to photograph the Bay Wind Regatta at the St. Margaret Sailing Club a couple of weekends ago and it was a lot of fun. There were a number of junior sailors out there in Optis, 420s and lasers.  I almost, ALMOST feel tempted to try it myself one day, when nobody is looking (especially not my nephew). 

Just a handful of shots are included below. I posted the full collection on the Snickerdoodle Facebook Page

For friends and families of the sailors, I have added most of the images to my storefront where you can purchase prints. Just email me if you can’t find the image you’re seeking.

Thanks to St. Margaret Sailing Club (and my sister Sue) for the invitation. Check out their website if you are interested in taking sailing lessons. Kids can start as young as 8. 

 Or if you are located somewhere else in the province, try Sail Nova Scotia and get salty!

Ready to launch.

 Heading out to the courses.

 Thank you to Ray (who took me out in his boat) for pointing out the dolphins surfacing near us. 

 SMSC getting a tow out to Alpha course

 Abdominal muscles are mandatory for this sport methinks. 

 This sailor looks like he knows his stuff but maybe it’s the Olympic sticker on the side of his boat influencing me. 

 My nephew Ben (below and above, sail number 162396) ready to round the mark (orange inflatable).

 420s raising their spinnakers as they tack, it’s all very quick, everyone is busy on deck and the boats are very near each other as they try to get the best times. 

Snickerdoodle might just to expand the category of portraits.

Maritime Sights

I was on my way back from my sister’s home in St. Margaret’s Bay yesterday when I spotted a cluster of seagulls vying for food. Some fisherman were tossing them some scraps and oh, the light yesterday afternoon… sigh. The sun was low, there was a bit of a mist diffusing things. Everything had a golden glow. I pulled over and took in the view, sniffed the salty air and listened to the gulls crying as they swooped past the boat. 

I am happy to call this place my home.

Beach and Belly Session

Hey look! I found some fellow beach enthusiasts, willing to go on a day that was less than inviting AND bare their bellies. Shannon and Jason’s new baby will be here in just a few weeks and the little one will have a very proud big brother. We did a lot of running round to stay warm in the wind but those are always my favorite photos in the collection (providing I’m able to focus fast enough). Some favorites are below.

Welcome Back Color

Welcome back warmth, color and winds that don’t hurt my skin. It’s time to venture outside with the camera. 

Came in like a lion, goes out with a bang

Well this can’t bode well for the day, I thought, peering out at these power lines. Nova Scotia power outages are not few, nor far between. But we (knock on wood) had the lights on today. Good thing too as the trees are still fairly crispy out there this evening. It was nice to have a heated house.

We here in the maritimes have had enough of winter, thanks very much. I seem to remember some smugness from this side of the country when I was suffering spring in Alberrrrta. Hmph.

In my early days as a photographer I would have embraced a day like today, I’d have been out there in my wet gear photographing suspended drips up close with a macro lens and a reflector. It’s a lovely calming way to spend a few hours. Today I did venture out but I was accompanied by a little boy, gleefully having a battle with an imaginary bad guy, throwing himself to the ground every few moments. Oddly, he wasn’t doing any shooting himself. And my hound came out too, briefly, spending her time barking at us. Therefore, I did not devote as much time as I would have years ago. Not quite the same feeling of zen. But here are a few snaps nonetheless. 

One more day of this month and we can get on with April showers. With any luck, they won’t be frozen. 



Outside my window: swirling snow, puffed-up birds - gratefully frequenting our feeder - and the occasional snowplow. With any luck, this is the last blast of winter. It’s a doozy. They didn’t even wait for it to start, they went ahead and closed everything. With any luck, we’ll see a surge of color in the coming weeks. We’ll trade our shovels for rakes. In the meantime, I’m happy to be on the other side of the window watching things. 

November at the Beach

I thought we’d be all alone at the beach yesterday. We went dressed warmly and prepared for a wintery wind off the ocean. It turns out that everyone thought the same thing, the dog walkers, the families, the kite-flyers … all of us had a chance to turn our faces to the sun and soak up a bit more vitamin D, before the wind shifts to the north. Even the bugs were out getting one more shot at a meal. A fellow dog walker gave my son a branch in the shape of walking cane and he had great fun using it for everthing but that, bouncing through puddles, whacking at rocks and so on. Raisin, our senior hound, loves the beach and even has a go at running when we are on the soft sand. 





  The geese were getting organized. 



 Geese following a kite. 


Every time I photograph Raisin, I (morbidly) think it might be the last time. GIven 6 months to live with her cancer diagnosis over a year ago, we are astonished at how well she has done without treatment (excepting broccolli and loving belly rubs). 


 I uncovered a smooth rock painted with a heart. That must be good luck. 



 Crab apples hanging on a bit longer. 


Fall Family Session - Shubie Park

One of the best things about moving all the way across the country is the chance to find new places to photograph. You’ll see Shubie Park featured in many of my blog posts. The first time I visited - walking my dog - I couldn’t wait to return with my real camera. Below is the first family session I’ve had in the park. The kids were a lot of fun, despite the chill of the wind that day (not always the case for parents with three small children trying to get photos done). It helps that the park is full of little canals and friendly ducks. In fact, if you bring along some bird seed, the chickadees will land right on your hand. We got some gorgeous fall color and a hint of sun that day. Below are some of my favorites. 

Flora & Fauna & Fawning

Not another blog about how colorful it is outside these days? Yes indeed, I’m out of control. My husband took our son out for a few hours yesterday and I found myself with both hands free to hold my camera. Instead of curling up in an armchair with a good novel and a beverage (this is what I tell myself I will do with free time) I got on my bike and did a little tour around Shubie Park. 


I’m not sure if it is normal to see a cormorant inland but this one was swimming in the pond, perhaps getting lucky with a few tiny fish. I spoke to him or her and she or he obliged me by perching on a rock nearby, looking at me quizzcally for several minutes.  I’ve only ever seen comorants on the ocean, they dive for fish and can be seen hanging their wings out to dry most of the time on buoys, boats, docks usually at a distance so it was a pleasure to be able to get in so close. 






 Stocking up for winter but not too busy to say cheese for the camera, or so it appears. 


The below photo was done for my son who loves turtles (this week). We spotted this pair last week but without my long lens. I was unable to get close enough to see them. It appears to be a mother and baby. I wonder if she too has a list of things in her head that need doing.  


Bright fall leaves reflected in the rippled water, it was quite a gusty day out there and I liked the patterns on the water. I’ve spared you the vast collection of ripple shots I now have crammed onto my hard drive. As I said, I’m completely out of control. But one never knows when the colors will be whipped off the trees in a windstorm and leave us in a world of browns, greys and eventually white. 





One of the things I looked forward to when we found out we’d be moving back to the east coast was the ability to simply climb into our car and visit people. For so many years our visits involved a plane ride and were, inevitably, too short. And if you caught a bad weather window, you might not get a chance to do everything you wanted.  Now I can look at the forecast while I’m having my morning coffee and head out. We live in the city - which I’m enjoying immensely with the ocean and several lakes within an easy bike ride - but both sides of our family live in spots along the coast. Although I try to bring the camera along, it can be tricky to do with a little boy in tow so I’ve only managed to snag a few images over the past month. Most of the time I just have my lighter weight camera phone tucked in my pocket. 


My sister and her family are on St. Margarets Bay, on a point of land that has a small farm with free range chickens. If you have some cash in your pocket you can pop in and pick up some fresh eggs. It’s on the honor system, of course. Stroll a little further down the hill and you can visit Lucy the donkey, she welcomes the company, calling out loudly when she glimpses people coming down the lane. She even enjoys a visit from my sister’s Great Dane Leah. The goats like to see who has come around too. Although not in the pictures here, you can also see the peacocks, chickens, rabbits and whatever vegetables the local farmer has managed to keep out the reach of the numerous deer roaming the point. My son has happily begun to think of my sister’s house as his other home, knowing where to find all the toys, along with things that aren’t really meant to be toys. 


I wish I knew what life truth was being imparted here. It looks as if it was deep. 




Lucy the donkey. 


My sister with her family and their lap dog. 



A little further down the coast is the home of my parents and their small herd of dachshunds. Due to the exuberance of a three year old boy, only one of them is seen in the picture below. She is one of the senior hounds, enjoying a bit of fall sun and foraging for any snacks the birds may have missed. 


Gwynn - just one of my parent’s miniature wire haired dachshunds.